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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Senior Portraits

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As a professional photographer, I love exercising the creativity and skill that taking exceptional senior portraits demands.  Each soon to be graduate has a unique and captivating personality, spirit and style, and I love working with them all!

I know my reasons for offering senior portraits, and there are way more than 5, but why should a family make the investment of having professional senior portraits done?  Here are the top 5 reasons:

1.  To commemorate an important milestone.  Graduating high school is a BIG DEAL!  Senior portraits are a fantastic way to capture a moment in time that will never come again and provide a lasting memory of this significant achievement.

2.  To create and preserve a personal record.  Senior portraits are a way to document your unique style and personality at this point in your life.  They showcase your individuality and serve as a record of who you were during your senior year of high school.

3.  To celebrate your accomplishments.  Whether it’s academic achievements, athletic accomplishments, or personal growth, senior portraits provide a way to showcase your success and highlight the things you have worked hard on during your time in school.

4.  To share with family and friends.  Senior portraits make great gifts for family and friends.  They provide a way to share your accomplishments and celebrate your achievements with those who are important to you.

5.  To use for professional purposes.  In some cases, senior portraits may be used for resumes, LinkedIn, business cards, or other professional materials.

At Winsome Witness Photography I address all 5 of these reasons through a carefully and thoughtfully curated experience.  I utilize a wide variety of looks that guarantee your individuality and unique style shine through in every image.  You get more than just digital files!  Let’s face it, digital files rarely leave a hard drive or a thumb drive and usually just sit in a cloud.  Our packages include both digital files AND prints, albums, wall art, and more!  Prints and other items we offer make great gifts, and an album is a fun way to take a trip down memory lane.  A few other things that are included in a senior portrait session at Winsome Witness Photography are:

- Complimentary professional hair and makeup

- Both indoor and outdoor locations

- Wardrobe guidance

- Professional headshot

- and much more!

As a professional photographer and also as a Mom, I know that senior year is fun, but also very busy and emotional.  I’ve created a senior portrait experience that takes out the guesswork and any stress.  All you have to do is show up and have fun!

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