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5 tips to make your headshot stand out

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Many people perceive headshots to be uniform and a little boring.  So how do you make yours stand out from the masses?

Hire a Professional Headshot Photographer 

Take that one step further and hire a professional who specializes in headshots.  Someone who is thorough, knows posing techniques, tips on wardrobe and makeup, and utilizing their expertise, they will have you looking your best.  


If your photographer does not offer or include retouching, find yourself another photographer.  Retouching provides a polished and refined finish that will make your headshot more appealing.

Dress Appropriately for Your Headshot 

Wear clothing that is appropriate for your industry.  Be sure to wear clothes that fit well and do not have busy or bold patterns.

Keep it Simple

Avoid cluttered backgrounds and keep the focus on you.  A plain neutral background will make you stand out more.

Don’t be afraid to bring your personality! 

Your headshot should reflect who you are, so feel free to showcase your individuality in your expression and pose.

At Winsome Witness Photography we specialize in headshots and have many years of experience in ensuring they are anything but boring.  Whether you are an attorney or a general contractor, we know how to showcase your unique individuality and make your headshot stand out.  A few things we offer to help make your headshot session a success are:

⁃ Complimentary professional hair and makeup services for every session.

⁃ A comprehensive wardrobe guide with referrals to excellent stylists.  

⁃ Retouching is included!  We believe that a headshot that isn’t retouched is an incomplete product.  We only deliver the best product.

⁃ A private studio with both natural light and professional studio lights.  Our studio is expertly designed with simple aesthetics and seamless neutral backdrops so the focus will be on YOU.

In this day and age, the first time a prospective employer or client sees you it won’t be in person, it will be your headshot.  Having a professional headshot that is done right will ensure that your image stands out and your first impression is a good one.

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